AVARC Ham Operators' Exam Schedule for 2017

AVARC's regular exam location is at the First Christian Church of the Antelope Valley, 1702 East Avenue J, Lancaster California (located across the street from East Lancaster Wal-Mart to the south). Please enter parking lot off the end of the cul-de-sac to the south of Avenue J on 17th Street East, enter the classroom annex, and look for the "FCC Exams" sign outside the correct classroom. Monday night exams may be held in the main sanctuary.
GLAARG test fee: $5:00
ARRL test fee: $15.00
Walk-ins welcome. If no applicants show up by 30 minutes past the scheduled exam times, the session will be vacated.
Please bring a photo ID, and for your ID security it is preferable to obtain, or bring your existing FCC FRN number to the session. This can be obtained at FCC CORES Registration. Existing licenses should have the FRN printed on them if not too old.
If needed, bring a stand-alone calculator, (smartphone calculator apps prohibited).
On the day prior to your exam, please check this web site for any changes to the date or time of the exam.
For further information or questions, please call Adrienne at (661) 264-1863.

Testing schedule last revised on January 12, 2017.

Date and Time Exam Type
Sat., Jan. 7 @ 9:00am GLAARG
Mon., Feb. 6 @ 7:00pm GLAARG
Sat., March 4 @ 9:00am ARRL
Mon., April 3 @ 7:00pm GLAARG
Sat., May 6 @ 9:00am GLAARG
Mon., June 5 @ 7:00pm ARRL
Sat, July 1 @ 9:00am GLAARG
Mon., Aug. 7 @ 7:00pm GLAARG
Sat., Sept. 9 @ 9:00am ARRL
Mon., Oct. 2 @ 7:00pm GLAARG
Sat., Nov. 4 @ 9:00am GLAARG
Mon., Dec. 4 @ 7:00pm ARRL

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those taking any of our Monday night tests, AVARC will be sharing the facilities with Alcoholics Anonymous (and possibly other organizations). Please do not disturb any other groups that may be present on church grounds.

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